Different Sex Positions That Will Make Your Night Fabulous

We can all agree that everyone loves and enjoys some great sex. But it all depends on who you are doing it with and the positions you use. If you are looking to spend a quality night with an escort you should consider Charlotte Escorts. This is an opportunity for you to satisfy all your fantasies and try everything you have always wanted to. The only way to enjoy sex is by doing it in a great position. Below are the different sex positions that will allow you to enjoy the night.

1. Doggy Style

Want to have the most erotic night of your life? Then forget about the ordinary sex positions. Spice things up by doing it like it’s done on the discovery channel. The doggy style is pretty simple, the woman should bend down and the man should enter from behind. It’s even more fun if the woman can arch her back a little bit to give the man full access to her vagina. The doggy style creates no atmosphere to talk or discuss anything. It will all be about the sex.

2. The Legs Up Missionary

In this sex position you can keep going and going all night long. This is an advancement of the ordinary missionary position. Here, the woman is required to raise her legs up, and the man should enter her while pinning her legs up. The legs up missionary will give both the man and the woman an orgasm that they have never had before. This position is great for deep penetration.

3. X Marks the Spot

This position will completely blow your minds. Once you are done, you will all be exhausted and satisfied. To achieve this sex position, the woman should lie on her back while crossing her legs on the man’s chest. The man should then enter her from in front. This position gives you all a great view. Plus, your hands are free to do whatever they wish to.

4. The Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is perfect for those who want to have a wild night. This position is similar to the woman on top only that she rides you while facing behind. It’s a great position because it has all the sexiness of the doggy style. Here, the woman is usually in control. Therefore you both better be braced for the orgasm of a lifetime.

If you are looking to enjoy an erotic night, then try out the above positions. Sex is expected to be fun and fabulous. Therefore, never be afraid of exploring your fantasies. Don’t try just one, switch from one position to the other.

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